Fanvil Announces Technology Partnership with 1-VoIP, and PBXRealtime Time: the 2017-12-14 Editor: fanvil

Fanvil Announces Technology Partnership with 1-VoIP, and PBXRealtime

Shenzhen, China, December, 06, 2017– Fanvil - A global VOIP SIP phone developer and manufacturer, is pleased to announce its technology partnership with 1-VoIP Enhanced Services.

Fanvil's new X SIP phone series, which includes five different models, are fully-compatible with 1-VoIP's PBXRealtime appliance. With Fanvil & PBXRealtime, customers can enjoy state-of-the art features and flexibility without the state-of-the-art price tag. The companies' joint endeavor was to provide their users the most cost-efficient, feature rich, self-provisioning PBX on the market.

"Fanvil's innovation clearly represents a transition in Voice over IP hardware and is a significant part of our strategy with our PBXRealtime product," said Dennis Smith, CEO of 1-VoIP. "Their products have tremendous synergy with our operation and repeatedly exceed our expectations. We've learned to be much more selective over the years in terms of who we're willing to partner with; I cannot overstate how well we have been able to work with Fanvil. They have the right vision together with the dogged commitment to get the best result. That commonality is what makes this relationship work."

"Based on Asterisk, PBXRealtime is a powerful hosted platform with a strong engineering and support team", said Frank Gao, PM Director of Fanvil. "It is our great pleasure to be a technology partner with PBXRealtime. We will continue working closely to provide new innovation and smart solutions, which brings more value for the customer.

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PBXRealtime is a mirrored, fully partitioned, self-programming, Hosted PBX system that does not require virtualization. Its scalability ranges from use as a carrier-grade appliance, to small office installations.  PBXRealtime has built-in fault tolerance, emergency power, firewall control, and fraud protection. PBXRealtime was designed by carrier developers and engineers, to be used by carriers and PBX installers alike.

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Fanvil, an established VoIP Desktop Phone developer and manufacturer in China, is globally recognized as a leading manufacturer of VoIP-based telecommunication solutions and devices for small and medium sized business, as well as large mission-critical enterprise environments. Its SIP phones are among the most popular in the world. Fanvil is set to become a leading IP voice and video terminal manufacturer by providing the market with cost efficient and innovative IP voice and video products. Fanvil VoIP devices are always taking the advantage of clear timbre, rich function, excellent quality, perfect service and competitive price.
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