Fanvil successfully warped up the the 2018 CeBit Time: the 2018-06-16 Editor: fanvil
From 11th to 15th June, 2018 This CeBit was held in city Hanover, Germany. As one of the largest and the most internationally represented events featuring exhibits, conferences and networking, covers the digitization of business, government and society from every angle.

Fanvil Communication with its fourth-generation SIP terminal communication products, once again made appearance in this professional event. We mainly exhibited our three product lines, all-in-one color-screen office phones, hotel phones and door phones. Due to excellent quality, fashionable design, reasonable and competitive pricing, Fanvil phones won the favor of many customers.

Fanvil also communicated deeply with our distributors on how to make great strides in the market. Our partners are full of confidence in Fanvil's products and future. We achieved complete success in this exhibition.

Fanvil will keep providing SIP terminals to more customers with great quality and good pricing. As always we are dedicated to offer simple and abundant communication experience to users.

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