Fanvil Product Workshop Successfully Completed in Wuhan and Changsha, China Time: the 2018-08-13 Editor: fanvil

Time: the 2018-08-13 Editor: Fanvil


From July to August, 2018, Shenzhen Fanvil Technology Co., Ltd held workshops for "Fanvil SIP Intercom and Door Access System Solution", "IP Communication Exchange" in Wuhan and Changsha respectively. The main purpose of the workshop is to promote the development of industry brand, to help customers learn more about Fanvil products, and to provide a face-to-face communication platform for Fanvil partners and customers, to answer customer questions about the products. The workshop was strongly supported by Wuhan Wavesion Technology Co., Ltd and Changsha Jozoo Technology Co., Ltd, and the workshop was a huge success with the joint efforts of everyone.

At the workshop, Fanvil regional sales manager Simon Bai shared "Development orientation and policies for VoIP communications industry and Fanvil industry". Simon introduced advantages of Fanvil product series and the development trend of Fanvil to the attendees. And introduced market strategy and sales orientation in details by combining company's successful story with product highlights, customer groups, product distribution.


Fanvil's Technician Leno Luo shared "introduction and advantages of Fanvil products". For application of Fanvil product solutions and SIP product solutions, Leno made a detailed introduction for Fanvil SIP unified communication terminals of security industry- SIP intercom, SIP door access control and SIP broadcast etc. And he fully explained the widely applications of Fanvil products in wind power generation, highway, bank, airport, safe city etc.


Zhanghui, the deputy general manager of Wuhan Wavesion Technology Co., Ltd, introduced the solution Fanvil provided to them, and how this solution help improve the efficiency of call center and enterprise.


Mrs Zuoxiaozhou, general manager of Changsha Jozoo Technology Co., Ltd, gave a brief introduction to the software development center of Jozoo, online training of marketing, and hardware business.


Fanvil displayed the latest color screen IP phones at the workshop, from entry level to mid and high-end range, which replaced the original black-and-white screen. DSS keys beside the side-screens is the replacement of extension board, bringing premium user experience, and improving working efficiency of enterprises greatly. We also showed Fanvil's advantages of HD voice, cost saving, rapid deployment, easy maintainability, seamless expansion, fully demonstrating Fanvil's advanced technologies.


The workshop focused on features of industry products. We hope that the workshop tour can fully reflects the wide distribution of our products, and accelerate the market development and achieve win-win. Friends came to workshops took this rare opportunity to fully understand Fanvil products and applications by listening introduction, asking questions,  exchanging ideas. During the workshops, various industry experts introduced the latest trends, and many attendees exchanged ideas here, which contributed to some cooperation, to make a successfully conclusion for these two workshops.

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