Fanvil and Comadd successfully completed workshops together in Shijiazhuang, Tianjin, Beijing Time: the 2018-08-22 Editor: fanvil
On August 2018, Fanvil (Fanvil Technology Co., Ltd) and Comadd (Beijing Comadd Technology Co., Ltd) successfully completed workshops together in Shijiazhuang, Tianjin and Beijing. The workshops focused on fast development of UC industry. Fanvil and Comadd shared ideas with customers on the workshops, to let customers to have a deep understanding of Fanvil market positioning, products and applications, which will help customers cooperate better with channels and grow sales in their local markets.

Mr Xieli, Fanvil sales manager, gave a presentation on “Development of UC industry in the new situation and UC development direction and polices of Fanvil”. During the presentation, Mr Xieli said that VoIP communication products are on upward trend and Fanvil would help every partner move forward together. To help attendees learn more about Fanvil, Mr Xieli presented a detailed introduction for product series and highlights of Fanvil devices.

Then, Mr Yuyang, Fanvil technical manager, introduced advantage and application scenarios of Fanvil IP phones, SIP intercom, SIP door phone and paging gateway. He made a detailed introduction for every product in every series. His detailed presentation for application scenarios of hotel, highway, bank etc. help attendees develop a deep understanding of Fanvil products advantages.

As a leading provider devoted to developing ip phones, sip intercoms, video conferencing products, as well as gateways, Fanvil demonstrated its latest color screen X series ip phones which range from entry-level to high-end. Side color screen with DSS keys replace the extension borad, more convenience to improve efficiency of enterprise. Thanks to over 15 years R&D development on VoIP and SIP products and solutions, Fanvil IP phones and sip intercoms/ door phones are extremely stable and reliable, featuring HD voice, cost saving, rapid deployment, easy maintenance etc., to meet needs for small and medium sized businesses, as well as large mission-critical enterprise environments.

During this workshop, Fanvil collected suggestions from partners and helped them develop a deep understanding of UC industry, as well as advantages of Fanvil VoIP/SIP products. We deeply believed that only by providing stable products, continuous investment into branding and support from partners, can Fanvil step to a new and higher level.

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