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Fanvil Introduces New i21/i21T Sip Door Phone

A good choice for all kinds of outdoor environment

Fanvil i21/i21T Sip Door Phone is designed for outdoor environment and can meet the customer’s requests of high protection level and high-quality audio communication.

Shenzhen, China, August 12, 2014
Fanvil Technology, a professional provider of IP communication solutions, today announces its new i21/i21T Sip Door Phone with water, dust, breakage resistant and suite for a variety of industries. The New i21/i21T Sip Door Phone support two-way communication, access control and voice broadcasting. It can really meet customer’s demands.

The design of i21/i21T Sip Door Phone are based on the experience and knowledge of Fanvil IP phone development. i21/i21T are using standard IP/RTP/RTSP protocol for voice transmission and enjoy the advantages of full-range of compatibility. i21/i21T have a variety of enterprise-level features and compatible with lots of major platforms, such as Asterisk, Broadsoft, Elastix, etc.

High-quality Audio Communication
Sometimes, the outdoor environment is very noise(streets, factories, etc.). Having a two-way conversation in such situation becomes very difficult. For this problem, i21/i21T adopt the advanced DSP noise reduction algorithms and techniques of omnidirectional sound pickup to solve it. During calls, i21/i21T can effectively cancel the background noise. At the same time, it also can optimize the distance of pickups, which guarantees the high voice quality in any case and provides good experience for users.

Vandal-proof functions
Outdoor equipment is often being damage by water, hit, slurry etc. In order to protect the door phones from damage, i21/i21T are made of the high strength stainless steel with cast iron bottom and have non-removable hexagon screw to protect the surface shell from being removed. This structure can effectively prevent the i21/i21T from raining, water spraying, dust and reduce man-made damage. Its impact resistant level is up to Ik10 standard. Besides, its water-proof and dust-proof level is up to IP65.

Triple function integration
i21/i21T are economical devices with triple function--two-way communication, access control and voice broadcasting. Customers can not only open the door by entering its password but also use remote DTMF to control the electric door lock. The users can also communicate with each others in hands-free way and use the 2w/8Ω speakers to realize remote notification broadcasting. In addition, Fanvil also provides the remote control API port. Customers can easily put the appropriate management functionality into their own platform for online control. i21/i21T is the latest generation of Fanvil IP Door Phone. Except the basic function of water, dust, breakage resistant and noise cancellation, it also inherited many advantages from i20T IP Door Phone, such as easy to install, one-button calls functions, superior voice quality and have high-performance full-duplex echo cancellation speaker, QoS, encrypted transmission, etc.

For different industrial users, i21/i21T are very economical products. They can be widely used in a large amount of places, such as villas, buildings, banks, factories, schools, prisons, mines, supermarkets, railway stations and logistics centers. For the users who pursuit of high-quality and efficient, i21/i21T would be a very good choice.

Demonstrations at ITEXPO West, booth#221, Las Vegas, 2014
Fanvil is demonstrating the new i21/i21T Sip Door Phone at ITEXPO on August 13, 2014 in Las Vegas.

Pricing and Availability
The i21/i21T Sip Door Phone will be generally available for purchase on October 8, 2014 via Fanvil’s worldwide distribution channels and online stores at a list price of minimal 329USD.

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