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Fanvil Held New Product Launching Seminar in US Successfully

2014, Aug 13th, Las Vegas, US.

Fanvil today successfully held new product launching seminar during ITExpo in the meeting room of Lambada. Fanvil new X series IP phone, 7’’ color display IP phone, Android 4.2 IOS videophone and SIP intercom have attracted people’s attention and interest.

At 10:30am this morning, Fanvil started the launching seminar, James Pao’s humorous and impressive speech for Android phones and SIP intercom got interest from audience around. We do believe that with Fanvil C series Android phones, we will cater to the needs of varies from different application scenarios.

After Jame’s show, our VP from Product Development Quark Li gave introduction about Fanvil newly launched X series IP phones—X3, X5 and X5G. With a concept of bringing IP phone to residential market from traditional SMB and enterprise market, partners at presence are so excited about the icon design and LCD DSS keys idea. With smart and easy, we have confidence that Fanvil will provide better experience for daily communication to people’s daily life.

Lastly, we invited Stephen Corrigan from 3CX giving our partners a speech to promote 3CX and Fanvil together, indicating the solid partnership between two companies and future aggressive and optimistic cooperation. Stephen also helped us for the lucky draw. Finally, the guy from Xmartek got this special luck and won the big prize MacBook Air together. Also, Fanvil today announced that all the representative company present today will be sent a FREE X3 for free with an early experience in the mid of Sept.

We would like to take up this opportunity to thank for all the people participated our show today. Your generous feedback and suggestion will be highly appreciated. Also Fanvil will thanks for the partners who show their support continuously.

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