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"2017 Change and Head Forward" Fanvil Road Show in Wuhan

The Seminar was opened on the afternoon 24th March 2017 in Logosun International Hotel in Wuhan. Fanvil gathered Zycoo, Dinstar,… etc, and shared the latest products and innovations, hope to activate the industry.

In the meeting, Fanvil regional manager - Bai Kuihua, Zycoo regional manager - Zeng Wei, Dinstar regional manager - Zhou Bo and the representative of … - Zhang Hui, presentedrespectively "Innovate and leap forward in 2017"," IP converged communications market lead by Wisdom, integration and innovation ","Practical applications of products and solutions" and " pioneering, cooperation and win-win ", those presentation introduced the company's development and business coverage, and made a good foundation of further cooperation for each other. And the interspersed 'Lucky Draw'also brought a lot of joy and surprise to all guests.

Fanvil showed the latest color display phones, from entry-level to high-end, those phones replaced the original black and white screen phone, and added a second screen for DSS keys which function just as the expansion board, bring users a better experience, and improve their work efficiency. At the same time Fanvil also showed theirindustry products with a high-definition voice quality and good performance, which is also simple to configurate and easy to maintain. All those products showed usFanvil's technical strength and bring us more inspiration of different solutions.Zycoo also showed their most innovative products, an all-in-one machine of small call center and IPPBX, it's a multi-functional product which provide a very good help to all companies.Dinstar showed theirLTE wireless gateway and small wireless gateway series. Those products attracted all guests to the display area to look and experience.

The meeting focused on the characteristics of industry products and it's just one stop of the whole China Tour, Fanvil hope that through this tour, we can widen our commercial field and lead to more win-win cooperation with all partners in the local market, we look forward to see you at next stop at April 20 in Beijing!

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