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<Change and leap forward>Shengyang ,One more successful seminar of Fanvil 2017 Tour

The Seminar was opened on the afternoon 22th June 2017 in Liaoning Mansion. And this time Fanvil hosted it together with Zycoo,Hengjietongxin,DINSTAR,Zhuoyue .

The meeting focus on branding and communication platform.

Fanvil regional manager – Feng Chuan presented Fanvil's marketing theme, which is Adhere to the principle of ensuring product quality and improve the quality of service, with the positive attitude of creating a mutually beneficial situation, work together and devote to the development of the communications market. Wang Peigen from Zycoo, Ding Jianguo from Hengjietongxin , Huang Choutong from DINSTAR,and Fan Sishi from Zhuoyue, presented respectively " Hand in hand with Zycoo, win-win in the IP communications market", " Photoelectric mutual integration, connecting the future", "Intelligent gateway, voyage of discovery" and " Call center collaborative office solution", They shared their industry insights and the characteristics of their products, so that the guests to the scene can know them better. The product display area also attract visitors to stop during the coffee break, and they all got a good user experience.

Fanvil devoted in this industry for over 10 years and we had a good relationship with plenty of industry peers. Our products have been cost-effective, high stability, high compatibility and got praise by all clients, and we will put more efforts to provide customers with better IP communications products to enhance their office efficiency, we will move on together with all of you and never forget our initial determination!

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