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Fanvil technical training achieved successful in Dubai

On October 15th, following the Gitex Exhibition, the Fanvil Technical Training ended perfectly in Dubai. At the training session, Mr. Jason, Regional Marketing Manager from Fanvil, introduced Fanvil's existing product lines and the advantages and characteristics of each product line, market support strategy for channel partners, and market plans for future, During the meeting, new and old channels give full praise to product's advantages, cost-effective and market support strategy.

At the training session, Fanvil technical support engineer Yang leds the technical training, from the most basic registration function to the creation of Open VPN certificates, from simple application scenarios to batch deployment with IP PBX, to telecom solution for enterprise, Yang explained a lot of details of deployment.

On the training, the participating partners actively involved in the understanding of the function and come into learn a further understanding and inquiries, such as Open VPN, L2TP, and even how to prevent Hacker use the remote network to access the function of the phone. After the technical training, the channel partners, especially the technical staffs of partners has a better understanding of the advantages of Fanvil IP Phone. We believe that through the technical training, Fanvil's channel will be more extensive and widely. We do not only have the advantage in market support, but also for the advantages of technology, so channels and customers will see Fanvil efforts to enhance the product in continuous

We look forward to meeting you next time.
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