How to Upgrade Firmware for Fanvil IP Phone in Post Mode? Time: the 2018-10-29 Editor: fanvil

When you encounter the IP Phone in Post Mode status, you can upgrade firmware through Post Mode to fix it. This is also another alternative for upgrading firmware besides of upgrading through the web page, USB flash drive and auto batch update.


Fanvil IP phones have lots of special features that will make your work more efficient. Today, we are going to show you how to upgrade firmware through Post Mode just in 3 steps!

Before getting started, we need to prepare 3 things as below: 

STEP 01 Configure FTP Server

Open FTP server in your PC. Here we take WFTPD server as an example. Select Security ->User/rights… in the menu bar.

Then, create a new username and password for accessing the FTP server.

Put path of the upgrade package where you save in "Home Directory", and then select "Restricted to home". At last, click the button of "Done".

Select "Logging" in the menu bar to enable logging, for viewing upgrade status.

Attention: Please do not close FTP server in the process of firmware upgrade.

STEP 2 Set Network on PC

Connect your PC with the WAN port of your IP phone, and change local IP of your PC between, such as:


IP address(I):

Subnet Mask(U):

Note: The default IP address of IP phone in POST MODE is So, in order to ensure your PC is connected with the IP phone, IP address of your PC must be on network segment 192.168.10. You can set IP of your PC between


STEP 3 Upgrade firmware for IP Phone in Post Mode

Power off your IP phone, and when you power on it, please long press "#" on the phone immediately to enter "Post Mode".


Open Putty software, input IP address of IP phone in Post Mode, that is Select "Telnet", and click the button "Open"

Then, you will see the following screen

Input "2" and enter. Then, input server address, the IP address of your PC configured in step 2.


Input file name of the firmware upgrade package and enter. Here please pay attention to add ".z" to the end of the file name


Then input FTP username and password

When the updating is finished, you will see "update success!". We can input "4” and "Enter" to reboot the IP phone. The upgrade is done!

Are you ready to try it! Let us know how it works for you! 

Besides, you can also refer to this video guide on our youtube channel

If you are looking for tech support, please feel free to send email to us, or submit a ticket  here

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