Governmental Hospitals in OMSK Apply Fanvil Devices to Improve its Instant Communication System Time: the 2021-05-14 Editor: fanvil
Governmental Hospitals in OMSK Apply
Fanvil Devices to Improve
its Instant Communication System
Governmental Hospitals in OMSK and Region
There are more than 100 years of tradition and excellence in providing high-quality medical care in OMSK city and surrounding area, and a skilled team of expert physicians, specialists, and nurses in caring for the hundreds of thousands of patients they treat daily. About 59 hospitals are situated in the whole territory, and all of them operate on budget governmental support.

Key Challenges
In terms of communication system construction and management, governmental hospitals in OMSK had high requirements for communication stability, response speed, and cost control, with an additional need for a powerful unified management system.

With the continuously growing hospital scales and medical care personnel, providing a high-speed communication efficiency during emergencies represented a significant challenge. More than 40 hospitals in OMSK region had still using legacy analog devices and PBX, which is difficult for remote unified management in the Cloud system.
After a cautious comparison and full scoping of different providers, governmental hospitals in OMSK adopts a most reliable and cost-affordable Fanvil solution that included:

1.More than ten thousand Fanvil X1SP IP phones are installed on the tables at the offices of medical care personnel. Fanvil X1SP ensures the clarity and stability of sound during the calling, providing the hospital with high-efficiency internal communication. It is now possible for the doctors and nurses to see who is calling you with the caller ID on the screen. What’s more, all the devices support plug-and-play, which is super easy for the users to install and manage without more training.

2.Fanvil H2U compact IP phones are installed on the wall of the hall as the emergency phone. The emergency may happen everywhere in the hospital, these communication devices in the hall can be outstandingly recognized and used to reach out to the doctors in time while the patients need instant rescue.

3.Fanvil i10V video Intercoms are used as door phones at the entrance of clinics. To prevent outsiders from entering the operating rooms or other important places, hospitals choose Fanvil i10 to achieve the remote access control after identification.

4.Fanvil Device Management System implements the auto- provision for unified remote management on devices. In the case that more than 40 hospitals in OMSK are in different places of the city, it took a lot of effort to install and manage the devices in an analog mode before. Nowadays, managers in the control centers can easily achieve remote management and maintenance on these IP phones and intercoms with FDMS, which helps to save the labor cost.

As a global leading provider of A&V-IoT devices, Fanvil is dedicated to applying SIP standardized communication technology to boost the digital transformation in all industries. This integrated solution built entirely of one brand devices is ideal for the different scenarios in hospitals to allow the managers to simplify the deployment, installation, and management process. During this special period against Covid-19, governmental hospitals in OMSK choose Fanvil to build a brand new high-quality and cost-effective communication system to level up the digital work and service efficiency.
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