C600 Android Video Phone
End of Life Announcement

Dear Customers,

To cater to the developing marketing demand, the Fanvil hereby informs you that Fanvil C600 Android video IP phone has been discontinued since May 29, 2020. After the date, new orders for the product would not be accepted.

Consistent with the policy guidelines as below, Fanvil will continue to offer support and after-sale service:
(1) For the first year from the End of Life date, Fanvil will offer technical support for hardware and software. Software technical support includes Existing Bug Fixes, New Security Fixes and Critical Compatibility Problem Fixes.
(2) From the second year to the fifth year after the End of Life, Fanvil will continue to provide necessary software technical support, including Software Critical Bug Fixes, but excluding those that cannot be fixed due to the limitations of software architecture.
(3) Please contact your local sales manager if you need to repair or replace the hardware. We will provide you with the corresponding hardware support services according to the sales policy.
(4) After the End of Life date, Fanvil will not support any new requirement, improvement or add any new functionality in principle.
(5) Since the sixth year from the End of Life, Fanvil will not offer any Support.

Thank you for your support and understanding as always. Fanvil will consistently provide you with high-quality products and services.

For more information, please visit www.fanvil.com or contact your local distributor.

Fanvil Technology Co., Ltd. 

All right reserved.

Equipped with 720P HD Video Configuration Support Three Parties Video Conference

The Best Hardware equipped IP Video Phone Quad Cores CPU, 1GHz, 1Gb Ram, 4Gb Flash

Smart Phonebook
Providing Innovative
User Experience

All to Obtain via Touch Various Gestures to Operate Different Functions Easy Phone, easy Operation

Friendly UI Design to bring better operation experience to you

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