X6 High-end IP Phone
End of Life Announcement
Dear Customers,

Fanvil hereby informs you that Fanvil X6 High-end IP Phone has been discontinued since July 28, 2020. After the date, new orders for the product would not be accepted.

After the End-of-Life date, Fanvil will not pursue any new feature development on Fanvil X6 High-end IP Phone, but we will provide software support of the discontinued (EOL) products following the industry standard practices. Consistent with such standards, Fanvil will continue to offer support and after-sale service.

The general policy guidelines are:
(1) For the first year from the End of Life date, Fanvil will offer technical support for hardware and software. Software technical support includes Existing Bug Fixes, New Security Fixes and Critical Compatibility Problem Fixes.
(2) From the second year to the fifth year after the End of Life, Fanvil will continue to provide necessary software technical support, including Software Critical Bug Fixes, but excluding those that cannot be fixed due to the limitations of software architecture.
(3) Please contact your local sales manager If you need to repair or replace the hardware. We will provide you with the corresponding hardware support services according to the sales policy.
(4) Since the sixth year from the End of Life, Fanvil will not offer any Support.

Fanvil would like to advise you to upgrade your old product Fanvil X6 High-end IP Phone to our newer product Fanvil X6U High-end IP Phone which contains more features, in order to continue and enjoy Fanvil's high level service.

Thanks for your continued support for Fanvil!
Shenzhen Fanvil Technology Co., Ltd.
All right reserved.

Fanvil X6 Enterprise IP Phone High-end IP Phone
Give the Best Experience to You


4.3" Main Color Screen + 2 x 2.4''DSS Screen, Smart and Friendly User Interface. The new X6 combines the advantages of existing enterprise phone UI design experience with color screen.
The UI appearance and operating experience have a qualitative leap.

All-in-One = SIP Phone + DSS Extension Module X6 has12 DSS keys corresponded to the LCD display to provide dynamic DSS/BLF functions up to
five pages at virtualized total 60 DSS keys.Carry the Function of LCD Extension Module by Itself.

Support Bluetooth with USB Dongle
Better experience for Enterprise

Support EHS Wireless Headset Support EHS Wireless Headset, Professional Enterprise VoIP phone.

High-functionality Equipped for Office Working

Web Page with Mobile Phone Scan X6 screen QR code to get into web
page. Web page can be accessed with
mobile phone at anytime, anywhere.

Phone Hotspot Several phones share one number from server, and each phone has its
extension number to contact/transfer/conference others.

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