Fanvil PA3 SIP Paging Gateway

The design of Fanvil PA3 fits to every internal installation, especially for public broadcasting. With HD audio and function-rich interfaces, Fanvil PA3 can be used for real-time & fix-time MP3 broadcasting, and one-touch intercom when connecting to the external devices. Fanvil PA3 is your perfect choice to DIY the integrated broadcasting solution for the campus, shopping mall, railway station, building, etc.

PA3 SIP Paging Gateway
PA3 SIP Paging Gateway
PA3 SIP Paging Gateway
PA3 SIP Paging Gateway

Tiny Design for Limited Space Small and stylish, Fanvil PA3 is suitable for the limited space in most of the application scenarios.

HD Audio
for Public Broadcasting
With Wideband codec G.722 and Opus, Fanvil PA3
brings the users a crystal-clear telecom auditory

Perfect Choice for Secondary Development Featuring rich interfaces, Fanvil can be developed into broadcasting devices, amplifiers,
and intercoms to meet the different requirements.

Achieve the Real-time and Fix-time Broadcasting Connected to the USB or TF card max to 32G, Fanvil PA3 can be used to do the MP3
offline local broadcast as well as the online broadcast.

Video Linkage with IP Camera Users can view the HD video image of the camera
on the IP phone through Fanvil PA3, for monitoring
the surrounding situation in real-time.

Highlight Features · 2 SIP Lines
· 1 Speaker Interface and 1 Microphone Interface
· 1 Audio in and 1 Audio out Interface
· Support the USB or TF card Connectivity Max to 32G
· 2 Interfaces of Programmable Keys with Indicator Light
· 1 Blue LED Status Indicator Light
· Support PoE (Class 4)
· Support Desktop and Wall-mounted Mode

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