Fanvil H3W WiFi IP Phone

As a WiFi IP phone with HD audio, Fanvil H3W can deliver you a smoother communication experience without cabling troubles. More than a hotel IP phone, it is also suitable for the supermarket, hospital, shopping mall, etc.

H3W WiFi IP Phone
H3W WiFi IP Phone
H3W WiFi IP Phone
H3W WiFi IP Phone

Fanvil H3W WiFi IP Phone 

Wireless, Limitless

Wireless with Built-in WiFi

Get tired of the messy cables? Connecting to the Network with 2.4G built-in WiFi, Fanvil H3W can be installed anywhere in the room without the limitation of cabling.

Capture Every HD Voice With the wide codec G.722 and Opus, Fanvil H3W can convey every voice during your communications clearly and stably.

Elegant Outlook

Fanvil H3W is the IP Phone designed for hotels. With stylish, fresh appearance, excellent voice quality, and matching integrated communication platform, it can become a new generation of hotel intelligent terminal equipment.

6 Programmable Soft Keys for Service Hotline 6 programmable Soft Keys for service hotline (Housekeeping, Ticketing,
Switchboard, Food and beverage, etc) and the hotel considerate services
(Morning call, Voice message, and etc).

Support SIP Hotspot Fanvil H3W IP phones can share one number from the server. When a call comes in,
each extension phone will ring together to make sure you won’t miss a call.

Fanvil H3W WiFi IP Phone

· Black and White
· Customizable Information Panel
· Built-in 2.4G WiFi
· HD Audio with G.722 and Opus
· 2 SIP Lines
· 1 USB Port for Phone Charging
· 6 Programmable Keys for Speed Dial Functions
· Support PoE

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