• How to make DND function unavailable for phones?

    DND might help users to reject all incoming calls directly. But some time, with misuse, users could not receive calls by DND enable. So we might make DND function unavailable from screen menu.

    Operation steps:

    1.       Login web-function key-soft key.

    2.       Remove DND key from desktop.

    3.       There would be no DND function in desktop to operate directly.

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  • How to show SIP line extension number on the desktop, or customize the displaying contents?

    phones might show default SIP line’s extension number in desktop; customer might also show other strings in desktop instead of local extension number.


    1. Login to phone’s web-phone settings-features-enable default line. It is enabled as default.

    2. If it were disabled, web-phone settings-advanced-greeting words would be displayed.

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  • How to select compatible headsets for Fanvil phones?

    There are different kinds of professional phone headsets. They follow different linear order. Our phones must use the headset compatible with our linear order. Otherwise, there might be no voice for calls (or very small).

    Some headset manufactures would like to list compatible headsets for our phones, on their web site (Plantronics/Jabra, etc). you might search and get them.

    If there is no list, you need to check or confirm with headset manufactures, to confirm if they had the same linear order:

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