Residential Apartment, Colombia

Residential Apartment Adopts Fanvil Unified Communication Solution


The Customer

Based in the downtown of Bucaramanga, Colombia, the apartment serves clients with reputed butler service. It owns 55 rooms and multiple public spaces covering reception, gym, meeting room, laundry room, corridors, and more.

The Background

With the aging and damage of devices, the analog communication system turned the daily communication between residents and staff into worse for more than five years, such as the indistinct voice, the corrupted device, and unable to make a video call, etc.  Everyone must adapt to a brand-new unified communication system in record time.

The Challenge

Which devices to take, how to deploy, and how to control the budget are the primary challenges for administrators. They must deploy different devices in different areas, such as reception master phones, outdoor phones, indoor stations, emergency intercoms, and 3rd party CCTV cameras. When they needed a cost-effective and reliable solution to facilitate the interaction and collaboration between staff and residents, they turned to Fanvil as their trusted partner.

The Solution

Fanvil devices are installed all over the apartment to upgrade the analog communication system.

  • i52W indoor stations are installed in rooms and public areas to help residents and staff to identify the visitors outside with the video image.

  • With a slim body, H2U wall-mounted phone is perfect for corridors. It's now possible to run an instant call between all connected devices, including the indoor stations and reception phones.

  • The i32V was selected for the emergency communication at the main gate. It's a functional intercom with high compatibility to integrate other devices like third-party cameras, which enlarges the monitoring areas to ensure security for residents.

  • As the reception phone, Fanvil X7 can be connected with i32V to open the door and monitor the real-time situation at the door via video. The communication between visitors and staff becomes visible.


The Result

The unified solution provided by Fanvil has allowed the apartment to streamline communication management and drastically cut back on maintenance and service costs. It now has a centralized network that links all departments together to provide easy and cost-effective inter-communication. Accordingly, the staff can provide instant service to customers in multiple areas.

“The system works perfectly! We quickly transitioned from an analog system to IP, enjoyed the journey with Fanvil.”

——The Apartment housekeeper