Aiden by Best Western Hotel in Berkley, CA

Brand New Aiden by Best Western Hotel in Berkley, CA Chooses Fanvil and Aavgo for Digitizing Guest Experience 
Best Western Hotels & Resorts offers a global network of hotels in over 100 countries and territories worldwide. Aiden by Best Western is a new contemporary boutique hotel close to UC Berkley campus in Berkley, CA, seeking to meet services required by the new generation of guests to make their stay more personal and comfortable.

How to Provide a Bi-Directional and Seamless Process for communicating the needs of each guest.
In the hospitality environment, every guest has their own special needs to make their stay as comfortable as possible.  In addition, hotels may have specials that they need to communicate and manage with each guest being intuitive, and manageable.

In the mobile environment, multi-lingual guests are welcoming a digital process within the hospitality market to meet their lifestyle.  Items ranging from wake-up calls, Wi-Fi passwords, DnD room service, toiletries, local weather, and restaurant recommendations are questions nearly all guests face when staying at a hotel.  Conversely, how are these requests managed by Aiden by Best Western?
Fanvil X7A Android Touch Screen IP Phone
Aavgo selected the Fanvil X7A android desk phone based on its design, functionality and being fully compatible with Aavgo's provisioning process simplifying installation, and management.  In addition to the large color touch screen, it also has a physical keypad without an included camera which is preferred in guest rooms. “Following extended evaluation and testing, we decided upon Fanvil's X7A android 9.0 phone to assure long term performance as our standard platform”, Mr. Mrunal Desai, President Astics, Inc.

Aavgo by Best Western Guest and Workflow System
Aavgo was selected by Aiden Hotel to address these dynamic challenges by providing a digital workflow for employees and digital application for guests on a single platform.  Center to this application is a dashboard that provides a quick glance of requests, and a vehicle to personalize the experience, and messaging to each room phone. “We believe Aavgo will enable Aiden by Best Western to exceed the expectations of our guests and to enable us to efficiently manage our workflow'', Jiten Jadav General Manager of Aiden by Best Western.  The phone selected for this site is the Fanvil X7A Android desk phone.