Harem Hospital, Iraq

How Fanvil Levels up the Digital Service Efficiency in Healthcare


The Customer

Harem Hospital in Iraq-Kurdistan, a healthcare institution that has a history of more than 20 years with a professional team of doctors and nurses.

The Background

Dedicated and responsible since its inception, the hospital has been widely praised for super medical techniques. The existing communication system is no longer to meet the needs of growing scales and medical care personnel.
New investors provided budget support to upgrade and renovate the hospital to provide more convenient medical services for thousands of patients.

The Challenge

As a significant and unique institution for all people, the hospital communication system must stay on top of specifications and standards in stability and response speed, especially a high-speed communication efficiency during emergencies.
Of course, cost control is also a vital point to construction.

The Solution

Nearly a hundred Fanvil IP phones are installed on the tables all over the hospital, such as reception center, outpatient department, doctor office, nurse station, monitoring center, and so on. They have been provided excellent service for Harem hospital as fellow:
1. All the devices support plug-and-play, which is super easy for the users to install and manage without more training.
2. The clarity and stability of sound during the calling, providing the hospital with high-efficiency internal communication.
3. It is now possible for the doctors and nurses to see who is calling them with the caller ID on the 2.4-inch color screen. 


The Result

This integrated solution provided by Fanvil is ideal for the different scenarios in hospitals. It can not only simplify the deployment and management process for the managers but also make the internal communication among medical care personnel much more organized. 


“Harem hospital choose Fanvil to build a brand new high-quality and cost-effective communication system to level up the digital work and service efficiency.”
“Fanvil is the best choice for your VoIP system!”

——Project Manager