Police Station, Korea

Fanvil IP broadcasting & Intercom Solution Help Korea Police Station Strengthen its Communication and Security


The police station in Seoul, Korea has several SWAT teams. When the Police has a situation, they need a broadcasting system to alert each SWAT team. Intercom solution is also needed for one-button emergency alert and public announcement. The armory door needs to be detected when is opened. The armory Police needs to get real-time monitoring video when someone open the door. After they studied some brands and solutions, they had Fanvil in short list. They are happy with Fanvil's broadcasting & intercom & security solution for its easy installation / maintenance and rich features after they test a few sample units.

The Solution

Alert Application

When the Police has a situation, it should alert via Fanvil i12 SIP intercom to each Swat Team room. Fanvil PA2 paging gateway supports up to 30W audio output, which allows the police station to connect a powerful speaker to PA2, helping SWAT teams get every alert.


* Note: If the power of loudspeaker is over 3Watt, the adapter has to be installed with Fanvil PA2 paging gateway

Emergency Alert & Public Announcement Application

·Emergency Alert 

Fanvil C600 video door phone is able to be integrated with IP cameras. When the armory's door open, PA2 trigger the call to C600 automatically so that C600 could display the live-video of the IP camera. In this way, they can ensure the security of important entries.

·Public Announcement 

In addition to HD voice quality, i12 SIP intercom also features a built-in 3W speaker for public announcement.


Door Detection Application

Fanvil i12 SIP intercoms are installed in public area and police offices for one-button emergency alert and getting instant communication from management center. The management center is able to use Fanvil C600 video VoIP phone to interact with the person calling from i12 SIP intercom.


The Result

Fanvil PA2 paging gateway, i12 intercom, C600 video door phone can be integrated with popular IP PBX, IMS, Soft Switch platform, to form a system for several applications — alert, emergency communication, public announcement / broadcasting, door detection. The system is easy to maintain for the police station because all Fanvil devices are SIP-based. Login to devices' intuitive web interface or FDPS(Fanvil Devices Provisioning System), the IT staffs are able to change settings, upgrade firmware, auto provision Fanvil devices in their police station.