County Government in Texas, USA

County Government in Texas, USA Modernizes with Move to Fanvil


The Customer

With the rapidly growing information technology, the demands for government services are increasing. It's an urgent need for county government offices in Texas to update their traditional communication solution to the Cloud one.

The Challenge

The outdated solution, limited technique, and high operating cost are becoming the obstacles for the country office to implement new digital public management. They have to spend much extra maintenance expenses to fix their old system every year.
What's more, the old communication system cannot be compatible seamlessly with other E-government platforms, which has limited their ability to innovate and keep up with the increasing demands for government services, such as flexible mobile offices.

The Solution

Relying on SIP standard protocol, county government offices have applied an integrated solution that combines innovative Fanvil devices and the operating costs saving, allowing the county governments to improve their collaboration and invest in their IT infrastructure.
Connected to Wi-Fi via dongle, X4U IP phones allow the government staff to relocate their desks more efficiently and open their office space, helping to keep the office with less wiring. X3U IP phones are also applied to save the office desk with a small footprint.
Moreover, X7 IP Phones are installed in the administrative offices, and X210 console Phone is a perfect choice for office receptionists to provide a simple solution. 


The Result

Fanvil provides a good and safe product and Cloud solution that is easy to integrate with the county offices' existing platforms and continues to evolve with technology.
This solution has successfully saved operating costs, opened the space of the office, and improved the working efficiency.


“We have been increasingly happy with the Cloud communication solution Fanvil provided us. Their support is excellent, and we love the way our phones look! We believe this new change will lead our government management to a higher level.” 

- The Head of County Government