LINKVIL Blog 3 | SIP Meets with Wi-Fi


We have introduced what Wi-Fi is in LINKVIL Blog 2. Today LINKVIL will show you what will happen when Wi-Fi meets with SIP. How convenient will SIP and Wi-Fi bring to your life?

SIP, also known as Session Initiation Protocol, is a multimedia communication protocol developed by the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF). It is a text-based application-layer control protocol for creating, modifying, and releasing sessions between one or more participants. SIP is an IP audio session control protocol originated from the Internet. It is easy to implement and flexible to expand. SIP technology is the inevitable result of market development.

Wi-Fi is a wireless LAN technology created based on the standard of IEEE 802.11, whose greatest advantage is the higher transmission speed. Wi-Fi 6 can reach 9.6Gbps. Wi-Fi also features a longer effective distance and greater compatibility with various 802.11DSSS devices. Like Bluetooth, Wi-Fi is a short-distance wireless technology used in offices and houses. Initially, Wi-Fi 1 and Wi-Fi 2 use the frequency band around 2.4GHz, which is a non-licensed wireless frequency band. Wi-Fi can use two standards of IEEE802.11a and IEEE802.11b. IEEE802.11g, the upgrade of IEEE802.11b, offers the date rates up to 54Mbps over the same 2.4GHz band used by IEEE802.11b. 

When together with Wi-Fi, SIP technology will bring you more convenience in daily communication to your life and work, no matter you are at home or in the office, you are working in the position or walking around.

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