FANVIL Leaps into Wireless World with Launch of LINKVIL W611W Portable Wi-Fi Phone


Shenzhen, China – September 29, 2022 - FANVIL, a leading global Audio & Video -IoT device provider, today held the; Brand and New Product Launch" event that focused on the introduction of LINKVIL and its first product Portable Wi-Fi Phone: W611W.

As a sub-brand of Fanvil, LINKVIL stands for “The Link to Wireless World” which means to open a new intelligent wireless and limitless world. With a sharp outline, the LINKVIL logo tries to convey the spirit of preciseness, resoluteness and boldness. It adopts the color and shining of Twilight to reflect the pursuit of extreme creation and innovation in wireless technology world. Well, the first member of LINKVIL-W611W Portable Wi-Fi Phone is available now. There will be more products of LINKVIL introduced to you soon, including wireless handsets, wireless indoor intercom products, base, gateway, etc.

W611W Portable Wi-Fi Phone
1、Designed to let you roam and communicate over Wi-Fi, W611W portable Wi-Fi phone helps you to get rid of the “wire” and freely experience wireless communication!

2、Easy to carry with a belt clip and compact to put in your pocket, W611W is perfect for mobile working.

3、Featuring IP67, Wi-Fi 6, 1900mAh battery, Bluetooth 5.0, and a PTT button, W611W performs superiorly in various wireless scenarios such as enterprises, shopping malls, residential areas, hotels, warehouses and so on, providing users with high-quality mobile communication experience.

LINKVIL and its products will be alive on the Fanvil official website with an individual page that differentiates by other products. For more information and to apply for LINKVIL’s first product-W611W, please visit us at
Check out the recording of the "Launch Event" at

About Fanvil
 Fanvil Technology Co., Ltd. (Fanvil) is a leading global provider of A&V-IoT devices. With three R&D centers in Beijing, Shenzhen, and Suzhou, China, Fanvil has compiled an effective team of R&D, production, sales, and service staff to innovate and add value to our business partners. As the pioneer in applying SIP and Audio & Video technologies to build A&V-IoT, Fanvil is boosting the digital transformation of multiple industries.