LINKVIL Blog 4 | New Wi-Fi IP Phone W611W


In the last blog, we have introduced the convenience brought by the combination of Wi-Fi wireless technology and SIP technology to our daily communication, especially the wireless communication required by mobile work.  In the launch event, we will introduce the first member in LINKVIL product family, the portable Wi-Fi IP phone W611W, which is a wireless communication handheld phone integrating Wi-Fi and SIP technology. 


LINKVIL W611W supports dual-mode Wi-Fi 2.4GHz & 5.0GH and Wi-Fi 6, leading to its great mobility in wireless communications. Learning more about Wi-Fi 6 will help you get a better idea of W611W, our new wireless product.

Wi-Fi 6 (original name: IEEE 802.11ax) refers to the 6th generation of wireless network technology, which is a naming rule issued by the Wi-Fi Alliance in 2019. Then which benefits Wi-Fi 6 bring to us?

Longer Battery Life: Wi-Fi 6 adopts the Target Wake Time (TWT) technology. The wireless router is connected only when the transmission command is received and hibernates for the rest of the time. The power consumption can be reduced by up to 30%.

Higher Transmission Speed: The maximum transmission rate of Wi-Fi 6 can theoretically reach 9.6Gbps, which is nearly three times higher than the maximum transmission rate of Wi-Fi 5, which is 3.5Gbps.  Wi-Fi 6 brings you more smooth experience no matter when you play online games, watch UHD video, or have remote video conferencing.

LINKVIL W611W Wi-Fi Phone features Wi-Fi 6 to significantly improve its battery life, which is more suitable for mobile working communication for security guards, service staff, etc.

Another key feature of W611W is the IP67 rated, which enables it to be robust in different environments. W611W is effectively dustproof, waterproof, and anti-falling for both the external enclosure and internal components.

We'll continue to share more functionalities of LINKVIL W611W in the near future. Please stay tuned with us!