Fanvil & IPTECHVIEW Announce an Alliance to Deliver Innovative Installation-ready Video Door Stations and Intercoms.


Shenzhen, China - October 18, 2022 - Fanvil & IPTECHVIEW announce new Fanvil door stations and video intercom that are IPTECHVIEW-Ready? and ship out-of-the-box deployable. The new door stations require no local setup at the installation site. The devices must only be connected to a PoE switch that provides power and online access. The devices create their own secure tunnel to IPTECHVIEW’s servers that route all video & phone traffic to where it's needed, either on-premise PBX or to the company's existing phone service providers.

This setup completely changes the process and economics of deploying this access control equipment. A modest yearly subscription covers connectivity, routing calls and video, door opening signals, remote health monitoring, and secure remote management access by the user IT team or the authorized technology partner.

IPTECHVIEW provides a cloud-based central management platform for intelligent edge devices. The technology requires no local on-premise servers for participating technology partners and supports leading brands of Intelligent edge devices, cameras, industrial IoT sensors, video door stations, video IP phones, access control, environmental sensors and building control devices, and now Fanvil endpoints.

Henry Castillo, CTO of IPTECHVIEW, "The combination of Fanvil Door Stations and our cloud platform offers the market a best-of-breed video intercom and access control line that requires minimal on-premise setup. Customers can access a full line of modern door stations and Intercoms that will connect to their apartments, office phones, or mobile devices with no on-premise servers. Fanvil provides us with well-designed devices that have proven durable and secure. Fanvil devices are NDAA compliant." Tommy Lee, VP of Sales of N. America, “I’m a firm believer that centralized provisioning and management yield major cost savings to our partners who deploy and manage our solutions.  IPTECHVIEW is a major differentiator for us.  Keep it simple.”

Fanvil is sold in the US to installers by its long-term partner ABP Technology (ABPTECH), a leading specialty distributor of communications, surveillance, and network infrastructure equipment. ABPTECH fulfills IPTECHVIEW-Ready? pre-configured security cameras, access control solutions, and Fanvil door stations.

Walter Engelbrecht, ABP Senior Director of Operations "Integrators, can now order door stations preconfigured to be immediately operational at installation. That is a game-changer in the door station and intercom space since it makes installation much faster by eliminating setup at the customer site and allowing for remote fine-tuning by specialists. Remote diagnostics, management, mass configuration, and firmware updates will provide a lifetime of savings." About IPTECHVIEW, Inc. IPTECHVIEW, Inc. develops and operates cloud video surveillance and other SaaS solutions for communication, physical security, and on-premise network infrastructure management. The company is headquartered in Dallas, along with all critical development, support, research, NOC, and operations logistics. The platform operates servers in multiple regions in the US and two redundant regions in Europe. The company has had commercial operations since October 2017 and has deployments in more than 15 countries in more than 2,000 locations.

For more information, or contact us on Twitter @IPTECHVIEW.

About Fanvil Technology Co., Ltd

Fanvil Technology Co., Ltd. (Fanvil) is a leading global provider of Audio&Video-IoT (A&V-IoT) devices. With three R&D centers in Beijing, Shenzhen, and Suzhou, China, Fanvil has compiled an effective team of R&D, production, sales, and service staff to innovate and add value to our business partners. As the pioneer in applying standardized network communication technology and Audio&Video technologies to build A&-IoT, Fanvil is boosting the digital transformation for multiple industries.

About ABP International, Inc.

ABP International, Inc. has been a specialty distributor of IP Technology products in communication, physical security, and network infrastructure, servicing the reseller, MSP, and Integrator community for 20+ years.  The company also provides fulfillment of pre-configured IP devices for leading national service providers and has delivered millions of pre-configured IP phones. ABP has worked closely with IPTECHVIEW developing highly integrated proprietary processes for configuring, testing, and delivering cloud-based IP Technology solutions.

For more information, reach out to or contact us on Twitter @ABPTECH.