LINKVIL Blog 5 | What Benefits LINKVIL W611W Brings to us


Facing the need for instant messaging, many scenarios like warehouses, hotels, and supermarkets are applying wireless communication solutions based on open and standard IP protocol to improve service efficiency, internal collaboration, and the response speed to emergencies. To satisfy the different needs of market, Fanvil Technology officially announced its new sub-brand LINKVIL which focuses on wireless communications and its first product W611W Portable Wi-Fi Phone at the end of September. What benefits will LINKVIL W611W bring to the market? Here we would like to share with you the following aspects:

1.Reduce Operation Cost

W611W has no monthly fee as it is based on IP network communication while analog communication requires additional cost. People can make transregional communications with other IP devices by W611W Portable Wi-Fi Phone on the same network segment, realizing high-quality calls and reducing the cost for enterprises. W611W is definitely a high-quality but cost-efficient choice of IP phone!

2.Improving Work Efficiency

W611W is specially designed for mobile working in scenarios like warehouses and supermarkets where staff needs since it is light and portable. It is equipped with a belt clip and a 3.5mm headphone jack to free the hands. Moreover, W611W supports dual-band Wi-Fi and built-in Bluetooth, people can answer phone calls with it while enjoying HD calling experience!

3.High Protection Level, Excellent Performance

W611W is IP67 rated with excellent performance even in harsh environment. It can be immersed in water up to 1 meter deep at normal temperature pressure for up to 30 minutes and is drop-safe from 1.8 meters height. Equipped with a 1900mAh large capacity detachable battery, W611W can talk for 9 hours and stand by for 200 hours in full power state. No more worry about the power shortage when you make a long-time call!

*The battery data is tested in the laboratory, and the usage situation will vary due to different environments.

4.Quick Response to Emergencies

W611W has a PTT button on the side, which can realize functions of Push-to-Talk and speed dial. When encountering emergencies in hotels, supermarkets, warehouses, and office buildings, the guards can use W611W by just pressing the button to report the situation to the management center for assistance easily.  

More information about LINVIL and W611W, please visit: LINKVIL Wireless UC Products (