Fanvil Industry Solution Seminar Successfully Completed in Shanghai, China


On November 14, 2018, co-hosted by Fanvil (Fanvil Technology Co., Ltd) and YICAN Information (Shanghai YICAN Information Technology Co., Ltd), the “Fanvil Industry Solution Seminar” was held at Regal International East Asia Hotel located in Shanghai. Some engineers, integrators and industry users from Shanghai and surrounding cities were invited to participate in the seminar.

At the beginning of the seminar, YICAN Information Deputy General Manager Mr. Li Junwei gave a welcome speech and briefly introduced the company's development history, sharing the valuable experience of how YICAN Information Company provides industry solutions to meet the needs of industry users.

        Fanvil industry product marketing director William Huang shared IP Broadcasting & Intercom Unified Communication System and Industry Solutions during the seminar. William said the intercom system is rapidly transforming from traditional analog intercom to IP communication intercom under the context of digitalization and intelligence in the security industry. To conform to the trend of industry, Fanvil has been actively researching and developing on the IP communication intercom technology, and combined with its own advantages in SIP communication to launch IP Broadcasting & Intercom Unified Communication System, and provide customers a one-stop solution including Help Intercom, SOS call, Emergency Broadcasting, Emergency Consultation, Visualized Dispatch, Real-time Recording, Video Linkage, Alarm Linkage and Digital Map.

William also shared the application of the system in eight major industries, such as community renovation (cloud intercom), highway, unmanned parking lot, unmanned stadium/gym/supermarket, and school intercoms etc. He emphasized that the launch of the system helped Fanvil to complete the product line including terminals and complete solution to meet the demands from partners and integrators. The new launched complete solution was attractive for all attendees and got lots of inquiries during the seminar.

For better understanding of new system application, one display board of“School Broadcast & Intercom Solution” was showed at the conference site. William shared more detail functions of the solution and system during the seminar.

After William’s share, Loui Guo, Fanvil regional sales manager, shared "Development orientation and policies for security industry and Fanvil industry". Loui introduced the advantages of Fanvil product series and the development trend of Fanvil to the attendees. And introduced market strategy and sales orientation in details by combining company's successful story with product highlights and customer orientation.

The Seminar was successfully concluded after an effective and impressive communication. Through this Seminar, Fanvil has gained a lot of benefits, which not only enhances the communication with partners, but also help the partners to better understand the company's strategy and development direction, and strengthens the partners’ confidence of cooperating with Fanvil. All attendees expressed their hope that such seminar need be held regularly to facilitate partners to understand the latest industry applications and market expansion.