Fanvil took part in China Public Security Expo 2019 in Shenzhen

From October 28 to October 31, 2019, the 17th China Public Security Expo was held in Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center, China. At the exhibition, Fanvil showed Fanvil's full range of products to audiences, including new intelligent SIP Door Phone and Intercom products for specific application scenarios such as residential, apartment, commercial buildings, campus, pipe gallery, construction site, tunnel, and Fanvil latest Enterprise phone.

Let's take a look at the wonderful moments for Fanvil on the exhibition.

Intelligent Products of Unmanned Cloud Intercom 

With the rapid development of artificial intelligence, license plate recognition passage and face recognition passage have become an inevitable trend of the development of social science and technology, leading to the demand growth of unmanned cloud intercom including unmanned parking lot cloud intercom and face recognition cloud intercom. In response to this demand, Fanvil launched a cost-effective audio intercom product i12 and SIP intercom gateway PA2, which attracted much attention in the exhibition.

Intelligent Products of Home-based Elderly Care Intercom

The increasing number of elderly people in China has led to an increase in the demand for home-based emergency intercom products. Fanvil i10 series intercom products can meet the needs of the elderly, with HD audio/ video intercom, one-click help, alarm linkage and mobile phone calls. The elderly can ask for help in time with the emergency intercom at the bedroom or bathroom when unexpected cases happened.

Intelligent Products of Pipe Gallery 

Fanvil industrial IP telephony module iMB-01 has a variety of interfaces that enable customers to configure waterproof industrial amplified IP phone or explosion-proof amplified IP phone to suit the requirements of the project. It can be used with the Fanvil Pipeline emergency command and dispatching system to meet the mobile communication needs of personnel in various departments inside the Pipe gallery, and to establish a flexible communication environment for maintenance/duty/patrol personnel and control room managers. It can be combined with Fanvil industrial IP telephony module, enabling the Pipe Gallery equipment manufacturers to quickly integrate complete solutions.
Intelligent Products of Campus Emergency

The emergency intercom i16V or i11V can be installed in the outdoor emergency points (gates/playgrounds/corridors) and indoor emergency points (classrooms/dining rooms/bedrooms)   for SoS help when abnormal cases happened. The monitoring center or police station can be notified once the alarm is triggered and shout via the emergency intercom to deter the intruder.

In the exhibition, Fanvil also shared the upcoming building intercom products and the latest enterprise phone in the product display area. Through this exhibition, Fanvil industrial products are well received by the audience! Fanvil is dedicated to the development and innovation of professional SIP security industry products for worldwide partners. More new brilliant products will be presented and launched in the upcoming future.