This webpage is our contact point for receiving security issue reports found in Fanvil's products, services, and solutions (hereinafter referred to as the products). Our company's professional security team takes action based on the content of these reports.
To ensure that vulnerabilities are not maliciously exploited, Fanvil will not disclose security vulnerabilities and detailed information before fixing them.
Note: This page is only used to report security vulnerabilities in Fanvil products. For other product issues, please enter the Help Center to submit a ticket.

In order to facilitate the smooth confirmation of the issue you reported, please provide the following information as much as possible when contacting us.
We would like you to include:
• Product name
• Version information
• The types of security issues, it is best to use Common Weakness enumeration (CWE)
• Evidence of security issues (copying programs, tools required for programs, PoC code, etc.)
•The scope of impact of reported security issues (other products, components, suppliers, etc.)

After entering the necessary information in the table below, please press the "Submit" button. We will make every effort to contact you for confirmation within 5 working days.

If you have not received our confirmation email, it is possible that the email address you entered is incorrect. Please check the entered email address and resend the submission.
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* Vulnerability Description:

Please describe the details of the vulnerability, such as the impact of the issue and the content of the attack

* Firmware version:
* Steps to Reproduce:

Please describe the details of the vulnerability, such as the impact of the issue and the content of the attack


Please provide materials describing the problem.
The total file size cannot exceed 100M. The file you uploaded will be saved on the website for vulnerability resolution purposes only.

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