Fanvil H2U Compact IP Phone

Tiny and stylish, Fanvil H2U compact IP phone possesses brand new features including 2 SIP lines, 10 speed dial keys, 1 programmable DSS key and a HD speaker on handset. Supporting desktop and wall-mounted mode, PoE and power supply charging mode, Fanvil H2U is more than a hotel phone and also can be applied in multiple scenarios, such as school, hospital, supermarket and residence.

H2U Compact IP Phone
H2U Compact IP Phone
H2U Compact IP Phone
H2U Compact IP Phone

Fanvil H2U Compact IP Phone 

Stylish Outsides, Powerful Insides

Considerate Design for Varied Scenarios Tiny and fully-featured, Fanvil H2U supports PoE/power supply charging as well as desktop/wall-mounted mode,
which can be applied in different scenarios flexibly.

Customizable Keys,
One-click Communication

· 10 speed dial keys to customize different services
· 1 programmable DSS keys for different functions, such as, to achieve the remote access control
· Speed dial list

HD Audio for both Handset and Speaker

With Wideband Codec G.722 and Opus, Fanvil H2U offers a more stable and clearer audio even in a noisy environment.

Support SIP Hotspot Fanvil H2U IP phones can share one number from the server. When a call comes in,
each extension phone will ring together to make sure you won’t miss a call.

Fanvil H2U Compact IP Phone

· 2 SIP Lines
· HD Audio with wideband Codec: G.722, Opus
· 10 speed dial keys, 1 programmable DSS Key
· 3-way Conference
· Desk/wall-mounted mode
· Handset / Hands-free mode
· 10/100 Mbps
· PoE/Power adaptor

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