Growing Up Gifted Pre-school, Singapore


Growing Up Gifted Pre-school
It is a leading preschool and education provider in Singapore, offering a range of full-day, half-day, and enrichment programs for all children from 6 months to 8 years old.

The Challenge
The pandemic of COVID-19 posed an enormous threat to education, especially the preschools. Crowds are required to avoid close contact and keep a physical distance of at least 1 meter from others, even if they don't appear to be sick. Thus, the parents can no longer be allowed to enter the school waiting area to pick up their children anymore. The school teachers have to inform and take the students out from one to another when the parents pick them up.
To reduce the workload of school teachers during pickup time, GUG was in a search of an interactive kiosk system that allows parents to contact their children more easily with one touch. They needed devices equipped with an interactive touch screen to provide a convenient service for parents to call the classrooms directly. In the classrooms, the school requested a phone that could be wall-mounted at a high location to prevent the students from pulling the phone.

The Solution
· Fanvil i53W SIP indoor station was selected as the intercom at the main gate thanks to innovative features like a touch screen that can show all classrooms! The parents can call their children by pressing the classroom number on the touch screen.
· With a slim body, Fanvil H2U wall-mounted phone is perfect for classrooms. It can be mounted away from the reach of the children.


The Result
This valuable service, launched by Fanvil amid the COVID-19 pandemic, provides preschools with a smooth and convenient solution for getting started with intercommunication. Crystal-clear audio and rapid responses keep the interactions between teachers and parents more continual and effectively reduce the queue outside the front door. They highlighted to Fanvil that technology adoption was pivotal to saving the high reception staff to go to classrooms to find the children when parents arrive.

“The touch screen interactive indoor station from Fanvil makes it easy for parents to contact their children. Furthermore, it is easy to change the classroom names with web interface.”

——School Teacher