Fanvil Unveils i500 Series Indoor Stations and i6 Series Face Recognition Door Phones


Shenzhen, China, May 6, 2024 — Fanvil, a leading global provider in Audio and Video-IoT devices, proudly announces its latest innovations: Fanvil i500 series indoor stations and i66&i67 face recognition door phones. The cutting-edge products offer customers enhanced convenience, flexibility, and security in access control, ideal for villas, communities, apartments, and office buildings.


Fanvil i500 series indoor stations boast a host of powerful features, including 10.1-inch/7-inch color touch screens, user-friendly interfaces, remote access control, and Android/Linux operating systems, providing users with a more convenient usage experience.


Android 9.0 OS, Flexible Secondary Development

Based on Android 9.0 OS, Fanvil i505(W)/i507W indoor stations support flexible secondary development, allowing integration with third-party applications and customization for industrial applications.


Linked with Fanvil Wireless Buttons, One Click for Quick Response

Fanvil i507W/i506W can be linked with the Fanvil KT* series wireless buttons. When users press the buttons, indoor stations can initiate speed dialing to other devices, enabling quick response to emergencies for elders, kids, and the disabled.


High-Definition Video Preview, Capture More Details Around Entrance

Fanvil i500 series indoor stations support integration with third-party IP cameras, video intercoms, and door phones. Users can preview camera images on the indoor station and take prompt actions in emergencies based on the details captured around the entrance.

Up to 8 Alarm Inputs, Personalized Security Solutions

Featuring up to 8 built-in alarm input interfaces, Fanvil i500 series indoor stations can seamlessly integrate with security devices such as door sensors, smoke sensors, temperature sensors, etc. This allows customers to tailor their security solutions to specific needs and respond promptly to emergencies in real-time.


Fanvil i66&i67 face recognition door phones feature precise face recognition technology, high protection ratings, and support integration with security devices. Equipped with multiple doors opening methods like face recognition, IC/ID cards, PIN codes, QR codes, and DTMF codes, the new door phones provide users with more options for convenient and flexible access control.


Precise Face Recognition, Convenient Access Control Management

The Fanvil i66&i67 door phones support face recognition functionality, ensuring quick and accurate access control for users. With additional support for IC/ID cards, PIN codes, QR codes, and DTMF codes, users have multiple options for door opening, simplifying entrance management for added convenience.


Smart Noise Cancellation Technology, High-Definition Audio Experience

Equipped with Fanvil's smart intelligent noise cancellation technology, Fanvil i66 & i67 face recognition door phones can effectively filter background noise, making audio calls clearer and providing a high-quality audio experience.


High Protection Rating, Outstanding and Stable Performance

With an IP66 and IK07 protection rating design, Fanvil i66&i67 ensure reliable operation even in harsh environments, reducing maintenance costs, and extending equipment lifespan with outstanding protection against dust and water.


The access control solution based on Fanvil i500 series indoor stations and i66&i67 face recognition door phones will meet the needs of customers and enterprises for a second deployment, security integration, and entrance management.

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